Sunday, 9 August 2009

The latest from squidgey towers...

Well hellooo dear bloggy!

Yup, I know, been too long again:( never mind, I'm back now!)

Lots been happening - will start with the scrummy stuff. Most
exciting, I have two new residents - not of the four-legged but the
finned and one-footed variety (ahaaaa, got you thinking now!)... Any
ideas...? No? Well I'm going to enlighten you anyway.

Squidgey can now proudly present Hoover the fish (don't ask me what
sort cos I can't remember but he's grey with greeny and pinky stripes)
and linford the snail... Hurrah! (applause, much clapping, whistling

Up until yesterday, I had a little goldfish bowl with one very lonely
little goldfish swimming around in it. Called trumpet (don't ask). Now
poor little trumpet was very unhappy - he could only swim in a tiny
little circle all day, which by the time he navigated round the plant
and his rainbow (and a certain curious cat's paw) did not leave much
room for swimming. He used to have a friend called bubbles, but he got
so peed off with the arrangement that he topped himself. Jumped out of
the tank. Gone. The cat was most pleased at the time.

But now... Now little trumpet has new playmates with new plants. It is
what can only be described as an aquarium. With filters and
everything. Heck, I'm sure I saw linford the snail with a map and
compass earlier...?

Need more fish, though. But I'll let you know when I've got them and
be sure to introduce them accordingly.

What else? Ooh, new hair. Looks wonderful. Hairdresser is a genius. If
I could i'd have one installed and just take it out of the cupboard
when I need to. Like the duster or the vacuum (noooo, not the
vacuuum.... Shudders with horror)... But for now I'll just carry on
going to the salon like normal people.

Also, my beautiful little kitty took himself off on a little mini-
break. Not pre-booked, just upped and left for three days. Wouldn't
have minded but he didn't even send a postcard! Don't know where he
went, think he must have been stuck in someones garage somewhere. He
came back very hungry (like a little bag of bones poor thing) and
wanting lots of cuddles. So, lots of cuddles, treats and food have
been duly dispensed and he's now a very happy, snuggly little kitten
again. Well, he's not really a kitten any more, he's almost one but
he's very cute and fluffy still. He's still sleeping in with me cos
I'm so much of a softy I don't want him to get lonely downstairs on
his own, although lastnight he thought it was a great idea to stomp on
my head to see if I wanted to play... I was not impressed, but he
still got just a tiny cuddle. Don't tell everyone, they'll think I'm
going soft! In fact, his paw is resting on my chin (and he has claws). There is more, but I think the cats about to
sit on my head. So, Houston, we have landed once more back on planet earth!


Squidge x

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