Friday, 31 July 2009


Well this just takes the mickey. Doormat anyone? Yeah, right here -
come on over. Just how much of a brainiac did I think I was when I
figured he would be different? Dream on, sunshine, cos it ain't gonna

He decided I was going to his mothers next weekend. Didn't ask, just
told me I was going and that would be the end of it. Didn't think how
uncomfortable it might be for me, never mind any good reason as to why
I would want to willingly subject myself to the woman ever again after
what happened last time. Despite my protests, apparently I'm going. I
think not.

Decided we were going to c&k's tonight. Well, told me yesterday we
were going. Then even texted me to remind me. Got there and it was a

I think a naked trip across the arctic would have been positively
roasting and a jolly afternoon out by comparison.

I walked in, and neither one of them even bothered to say hello.
Nothing. So I oooed and aaaahed over their new couch, said how lovely
it all looked. Still nothing.

Went into kitchen, got my own drink, stood there like a spare part
while the two guys chatted, then thought I'd join the lady of the
house for a natter. Don't make me laugh.

I was lucky if I got more than a grunt in response, and don't think
she even looked at me. So, went back into kitchen, where cooking was
happening. He told me to get out if the kitchen and go back into the
lounge to 'talk' to k. Ha flippin' ha.

More attempt at friendly banter. Yet again, naff all.

Hurrah - food served. I offered to serve up, had spoon taken away and
told 'will do it myself' by k. She then gets up and leaves the table
before anyone else is anywhere near finished. Polite.

Back to lounge. Almost ok for a while. Played some music. Even tried
to sing along. Felt like a fool.

Thank god was time to go home. They didn't even say goodbye.

Got in car, and I said that was really uncomfortable. He has a go at
me, saying it was all my fault and that I hadn't made any effort(!).
"And anyway, what did I expect when I went walking in the door saying
'ooh lovely sofas' in that stupid gay effing voice of mine - to be
welcomed with open arms?". Said he knew it was going to be like that,
how could I possibly expect it to be any other way? After all, look at
the grief I caused when I dumped him. Well, maybe i thought it would
be alright because he said he'd cleared it first. Stupid me... Only
it's not me who's stupid... is it? And is it just me or is all this
sounding horribly familiar?

Oh this just isn't funny. Where's the chocolate...?

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