Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Oooh, the social whirl!!!

Hellooo bloggy!

So, what's been happening and why haven't I written to you? Well, the
simple answer is I've just been too busy! Sorry if it bursts your
bubble an' all, but hey there it is...!

I've been here, there and everywhere the last few days - went to a
work mate's for a coffee and stayed for tea on Thursday - was nice to
have a natter away from the office and she's got the cutest pup ever!
Not that anything can be cuter than my kitten... Of course :)

Friday night went over to a rellies' and met some friends there - had
a fab time, lots of competitive and collective rolling around the
floor in the name of yet another iq-(or should that be 'arms, legs and
every muscle in your body')sizzling computer console. Had to get the
cows to catch the scarecrows and jump over the hurdles - it's all very
technical he he! Was a late night and much fun had by all.

Saturday night I found myself at a loose end (as it were!) - well, I'd
call it a narrow escape but I'll tell you about it later -so invited
another work mate over for tea (I think I'll start giving people
initials or something, it's all getting a bit confusing!). So - to
rephrase - 'd' came to my house fir tea. Only after she had arrived
did it actually cross my mind to see if I had anything to feed her!
So, found sone steak in the freezer, chucked on some instant mash and
frozen peas, and voilà! Yum! Then sat and watched a really good film.

Sunday night went to r&p's (same peeps that were at the rellies' house
on Friday night). Had another fab day - watched the tennis final (now
have no nails left at all!) then had a dip in the hot tub.... Oooh, I
need me one of those! Then had yummy curry and played computer games
(hey, I'm spotting a pattern here!) - well, not really played, more
issued screeching and whining noises that were meant to be singing.
But the computer thought I had it right, so fair play!:)

About this close escape I was telling you about - the long and short
of it is that the guy who works at the petrol station asked if I
wanted to go to a barbecue to help celebrate his friend getting
engaged. Wasn't sure, but couldn't think on my feet fast enough to
form an excuse, so said yes. Was a tiny bit uncertain as I still don't
know whether he's 'partnered up' - I sincerely hope so because I
really don't want him to even try to go there! So... Saturday night
comes round, and I had d here for tea (weird sentence!) when there's a
knock on the door. Oopsie, I'd forgotten about that. Kind of. Well,
sort of not, really. I'd driven up to the garage to find him earlier
that day to plead a forgotten appointment but he wasn't there. So I'd
been kind of hoping he'd forgotten too. Alas, this was not the case.

I answered the door and was not impressed. Babbled my excuses and
apologies, then slammed the door so fast I almost squashed my toes. To
give you a brief picture (but only brief, thinking about it too long
makes me feel slightly queasy) - think gold (everywhere), think LOTS
of hair gel, so much aftershave/bidyspray I was glad I didn't have
cigarette in my hand at the time, and a big shiny german car left with
the engine running and some kind of sound blaring out of it's no-doubt-
millions of speakers. Probably daddy's car. Get the idea? Sound
familiar? Now you're catching up with my train of thought...! Run, run
for the hills and don't look back, squidge!!!

Phew. Enough. My tea hasn't settled yet and I still have a workout to

So yes, busy busy busy.

I suppose a by-line on the ex should be included here somewhere. Just
so I don't miss anything out. Apparently, the best thing to do right
now is hum and look the other way if he appears (by that I mean hum as
in sing, not smell...!) - if that doesn't work, breaking into a record-
shattering sprint should do the trick. A reliable source in that
department tells me I'm flavour of the month and he has plans to get
me back. Dream on, sunshine.

I'm having far too much fun to be bothered with any boyfriend
characters right now. Especially not him, that's fir sure. S told me I
seemed like my old self again at the weekend - I had the best time
ever, with people I care about (yes, I'm playing the cheesy card
again, but you've gotta let me off on this one!), and feeling like a
proper person in my own right. Not like somebody elses tag-along. It's
so cool, and for the first time I'm standing on my own two feet -
look, no hands!!!:)

Nah, I don't think even brad Pitt could drag me away from my life
right now... (unless he asked very nicely... Nah, nit even then!)

Back again soon!!!

Squidge x

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  1. hey..... am havin withdrawal symptoms.... where's the next one??!!! :)