Thursday, 21 January 2010

So What's It All About...?

The 'L' word, I mean.

It's a word I rarely ever use combined with 'I' and 'you' in the same
sentence. To anyone. Ever. Out of principal. In fact, I can count on
one hand the number of times I've said it in the last five years or so.

My personal opinion is that unfortunately those 'three magic words'
are, 99.9% of the time, used only to try to fix something or as an
'upgraded apology'.

So what is it? If you don't have a word for it, then what do you call
it? The honest answer is, I don't think there's a one-size-fits-all
dictionary definition.

But I do think it shouldn't be 'just a word' - that doesn't really
seem fair - it's a bit like saying something tastes great, then not
explaining exactly how or why - it's just a word stuck there because
it can't be bothered to justify itself with a decent explanation.

If you said you had chocolate cake for dessert, and it tasted great -
in fact it was the best cake you'd ever eaten, well that's brilliant.
If what you meant to say was that you had a gooey, warm, sweet piece
of heaven that smoothly caressed every single one of your tastebuds as
it silkily glided into your mouth, then in a whirl of dark, seductive
and sweet aromas and sensations you swallowed it, ready for the next
morsel... Until sated and satisfied you finished the very last piece,
wouldn't that be more accurate and fitting? Wouldn't that do the cake
much more justice than just saying you 'loved' it?

My point exactly.

As far I'm concerned, I think for me it has endless reasons,
definitions, thoughts and feelings attached to it. And they're
different for everyone.

When the person you 'love' is genuinely the first one you think of
when you wake up and the last person you pay a thought to when you go
to sleep; when there aren't more than ten minutes in the day when they
don't just pop into a running thought somewhere; when the mere mention
of their name makes you smile; when you wonder whether they're feeling
the same way as you not because you're afraid they don't but because
you hope they are as happy as you; when the phone rings or a message
comes in you get tingles up and down your spine; when you realise
they've never ever made you cry and they would do everything they
could to make sure you don't; when they hold you, you just want to
stay there; when silences are comfortable and make you feel close
without feeling the need to fill it with words; when sometimes all you
want to do is look at them because they're as beautiful outside as
they are inside, regardless of any physicalilty; when you feel like a
whole person not because of them specifically, but because of the gift
they've given you of the way they make you feel, and when you know
that obstacles are projects and adventures, not problems, that's what
I think 'love' means.

And if anyone can tell me how that fits into three words consisting of
a total of eight letters, please do feel free to enlighten me....


Squidge x


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  2. Thank you for your feedback, it's good to know that someone has read my blog! I'll be sure to take a look :)