Sunday, 28 June 2009

Well this is me!

Well, before I start, I suppose I'd better explain where I'm coming
from - y'see, funnily enough I reckon a blog is a great way to keep a
diary without having to hide a diary under your bed! So, that said,
I'm not going to promise this is going to be interesting, thrilling or
wonderful... I'm just using it to write what I'm thinking and feeling,
and well if anyone finds it a good read, that's just a bonus!

I do have a diary, but it would be a little risky to put it all on
here. Not to mention out if date! I have a varied, wonderful and
sometimes hard-to-believe past, which I'm not going to list now, but
parts of which (as anonymously as possible) may or may not appear here.

So, to start things off, I've been meaning to do this for a while, but
only just learned how through the wonders of a well-known search
engine. I'm twenty-seven, female, and that's all you need to know. I'm
also newly single... Right in the slap-bang middle of the messiest
breakup this side of eternity. That's the other reason I'm writing
this - I don't want to hassle other people with it, or have anyone
stumbling across a diary - it's just here, nice and anonymous, and
then off my radar.

Well I spent two years with this person, doing everything for them,
and worshipped the ground they walked on. Until in the end I decided
enough was enough - told him to get out and go. Sure, I wondered if I
was doing the right thing but am a determined little soul. So on I
battled bravely, slapping on an extra coat of makeup every day to hide
the lack of sleep and make everyone think I didn't need anyone or
anything except me. And it works, too, if you do it right.

So, a week or two later I get a call - he wants to discuss it 'face to
face' - okay, fair enough, two years - I owed him that much. So, I
slapped on an extra-heavy duty layer if makeup, cleaned my clapped-out
old car until it gleamed, boosted my ego (and appearance) with a look-
what-you missed bra, and tottered off on my impossibly high heels to
meet him...

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